MODULE 1 - Practice branding & marketing. Delivering the ultimate digital smile makeover

DAY 1 - Friday 29th March 2019

Dr Coachman delivers his hugely successful DSD Day 

DSD concept goals • The challenges of modern interdisciplinary aesthetic dentistry  • The virtual treatment concept and the interdisciplinary software platform  • Digital function-aesthetics integration  • Emotional dentistry. Creating the WOW effect  • Advantages of digital dentistry  • The DSD planning centre concept. In-house x outsourcing  • DSD & Invisalign collaboration. Facially driven and interdisciplinary integrated orthodontics.  • DSD natural restorations. CAD/CAM for beautiful anteriors  • The smile donator & smile menu  • OroFacial analysis & smile design  • Intra oral scanners strategy  • Marketing and management principles for competitive edge  • The unique client journey  •Fast and simple Smile Simulations  • DSD App Guided Documentation and connection with the DSD Centre  • 

LIVE PATIENT DEMO  • Documentation  • Smile Simulation • Smile design  • Interdisciplinary project  • Motivational Mock-up Strategy   • Emotional Smile Design Presentation

Dr Christian Coachman - DSD founder

Dr Christian Coachman - DSD founder

Dr Elaine Halley, DSD  Instructor

DAY 2 - Saturday 30th March 2019

  • Data collection for smile design
  • Pre smile makeover photo and video protocols
  • Using an iPhone for collecting data
  • Intra-oral scanning
  • Fundamentals of smile design
  • Creating smile simulations using DSD 2DApp
  • Initial stage treatment planning
  • Laboratory Communication
  • How to use the 2D App to get predictable results 
  • How to create an irresistible before and after presentation in minutes

Day 3 - Sunday 31st March 2019

3D Smile Design using the Digital Smile Donator Menu and STL export straight to printing machines and CAD/CAM software.


  • DSD phot/video protocol with smartphone
  • 3D Smile design & smile donator
  • Simplified DSD photo/video protocol with smartphone using the DSDapp
  • Motivational Mock-up strategy
  • Emotional smile design presentation
  • 2D smile simulation
  • Motivational smile test drive and the DSD shell mock up.
  • Building an easy and fast emotional patient using the DSDapp.


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